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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!


Nabin K. Sapkota

Wikimedians of Nepal


Shared ExperienceEdit

It was my second Wikimania after Wikimania 2015 in Mexico city . As per I experienced, Wikimania always became a platform for me to deliberate our voice with the global community, and even better than a opportunity I found Wikimania as a place of taking over responsibility to forward Wikimedia revolution on the path of progress. Not only opportunity and responsibility Wikimania became a special platform for me to share and exchange knowledge with the Wikimedians from around the world.

Apart from sharing and exchanging knowledge I came to learn so many new online and offline Wikipedia projects. Executing offline Wikipedia via Kiwix and deploying Internet-in-a-box in remote areas of Nepal became one of the most important achievement for our community. Interwiki Wiki Women Edit-a-thon is one of the finest idea we're working on pitched by Armenian wikimedian Armineaghayan.

I have shared my Wikimania experience with my community.

In Nepali Wiki Community

विकिपीडिया:विकिमेनिया २०१८ प्रतिवेदन


  • James Heilman : Discussed about use and execution of Internet -in-a-box for educational purposes in remote areas of Nepal.
  • Amir Aharoni: Discussed about the and planned to organize a translate edit-a-thon.
  • Armineaghayan: (from Armenian Wikipedia)- Discussed about the collaborating projects between two communities like Interwiki Wiki Women Edit-a-thon and Interwiki monuments edit-a-thon.
  • Walaa Abdel Manaem (from Egypt Wikimedians) - We discussed about the updates regarding Wiki Women Project and further extension to new level.
  • Saqib (from Pakistan Wikimedians) - We discussed about the Wiki Loves Earth and it's program pattern in Pakistan and a bit about running activities of both the community.
  • Mykola Kozlenko ( from Wikimedia Ukraine) As we already worked before for series of Wiki Loves Earth since 2014 we discussed about the aftermath of Wiki Loves Earth and further discussed about the up gradation of Wiki Loves Earth through social media promotion.
  • Jaluj (from Wikimedia Argentina- We discussed about people and cultures of both Nepal and Argentina. Further we discussed about writing articles related to the people and cultures of both the country in both the language(i.e Nepali and Spanish).
  • Ivan Martinez (from Wikimedia México) We discussed about the updates of programs and events in both of the communities .
  • Ananya Mondal (from West Bengal Wikimedians UG) - We discussed about updates of programs and organizing Wiki Loves Monuments this year.
  • Lodewijk: As an organizer of Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 and this year, we've discussed about the updated program pattern for Wiki Loves Monuments.
  • Stéphane Coillet-Matillon CEo, Kiwix - In a very short conversation I got chance to learn few more details about Kiwix. We’ve further discussed to utilize those offline resources specially on the remote sites of Nepal where the internet connectivity is poor or absent.

Anything elseEdit

  • Shared opinion and challenges regarding Wikimania 2018 at NE. Wikipedia Village Pump

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  • Some photographic coverage during Wikimania-2018