Grants:TPS/Mohamed Ouda/Wikimania/2015/Report

Welcome back from Wikimania 2015!


Your username : Mohamed Ouda

Your home wiki : Arabic Wikipedia


Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
Add a link here to a blog post or newsletter you wrote about your participation afterwards, or to a meet-up you organized to share your experience with your local community.

It was a very nice to meet wikimedians from all over the world and change different and new ideas which make some Initiatives come later. I have wrote a blog here post about my experience in Wikimania 2015.


I had a good opportunity to meet people from Wikimedia Foundation and other wikipedians from all over the world. , I organized table for Egypt Wikimedians user group . I meet Jake Orlowitz and taked about the Arabic Wikipedia Library and how to activate it , and I talked about the movement of Arabic Wikipedia and it's role in arabic community .