Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



Wikimedia Côte d'Ivoire User Group


During the conference, I interact with several Wikipedians and others no-Wiikipedans participants. However, I have very learned from some of them as:

  • With Carla, a Wikipédienne native of Peru. I learned to contribute on Wikidata;
  • With Hugo Lopez from France, I learned to use LinguaLibre software.
  • With Daniel Bogre from the USA, I discovered the Universe of WikiTongues.

These exchanges with all these people were very instructive.


Wikimania 2018 - Wikimedia & Education 7
Shared Experience
  • During the learning days Dominique Yao and I made a presentation on Wiki Education project of our country. Our presentation talked about the difficulties and lessons learned. We also learned a lot from others.
  • During the days of the conference I was able to participate in several workshops.I was able to follow the workshops on Languages, Technology, Glam etc.
It was very rewarding for me because these workshops gave me several ideas that I intend to apply in my country.


  • I have since August with the team Glam Côte d'Ivoire, lauched in Côte d'Ivoire a request for collaboration for a pilot project of digitization with the archives of Parliament.
  • Also, I prepare a project of local languages. This project will consist in putting under free license (Wiktionary, WikiTongues) while working with the software LinguaLibre the maximum of word in local language.

Anything elseEdit

It was my first time at Wikimania and I am happy to have participated. Congratulations to all the team and to the participants who made this event enjoyable.