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I edit mainly on Spanish Wikipedia, but also in Catalan Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, and many others.


Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?Edit

Add a link to something new that was created as a result of your participation in this event (for example, you might link to a new tool that you and your co-participants worked on at the Hackathon, or to pages created in a workshop you participated in).

Spreading #100WikiDaysEdit

After Wikimania Esino Lario I decided to join the #100WikiDays Challenge, and I completed it successfully twice (first in Spanish, and the second round in Catalan, and together to the #100WikiCommonsDays). But during this Wikimania I tried to persuade people from my chapter, or people I know to join the challenge.

There I talked about how wonderful the challenge was, and Rodelar and Vsuarezp accepted the challenge and joined it. When I came back home I kept my task and Santamarcanda, Ivanhercaz and Vanbasten_23, who were in Wikimania, joined the #100Wikicommonsdays, Superzerocool started a new kind of challenge, opening a new road, #100Wikinewsdays, Vanbasten_23 and Sabbut joined the #100WikiDays, and B25es and Mr.Ajedrez the #100WikidataDays. And of course, as an example I joined again the challenge, this time creating one article in Spanish and one in Catalan the same day, and all of them about women.

Some of those people could not complete the challenge, but most of them are still working on it.

Wikimedia Commons

Edit-a-thons in CanadaEdit

During the conference I attended two different edit-a-thons, both at the BAnQ. The first one was the Canadian women edit-a-thon, and I created the article es:Anahareo, and the second one was the Edit-o-thon: First Nations on Wikipedia where I created the article in Catalan about the Atikamekw (ca:Atikamekw).


For me, the most important think in this Wikimania was meeting people. New people, old friends, or on-line friends that I met them for the first time. For example, I met old friends from other events and also other Wikimedia España members. To be honest, I think that it is very difficult to list all people. For example, I could tal for the first time in persona with Spiritia, Armineaghayan or Mervat Salman. We talked with Armine (WMAM) to organize again a contest together, but in 2018.

This was the first time I had a session in Wikimania (this was my 4th one, and in Mexico and in Esino I was a facilitator in different discussion rooms, but not a speaker in a talk). This was a new and a great experience. I could present an Educational project developed since 2010 in Universitat Jaume I (Spain). This project is also done at the Universidad de Murcia, and has involved only in Castellón (UJI) more than 600 students and they created more than 150 articles in English, Spanish or Catalan. I had also a poster at the Poster sessions about a writing contest related with the Olympics and Paralympics Games. pictures from the talk.

I could attend some meet-ups: Iberocoop, Chairs and Wiki Loves for example. At the Chairs meeting some chairs decided to write a letter to Wikimedia France and support them and offer them help. The letter ws endorsed by WMDE, WMNL, WMSE, WMUK and WMES.

Wikimedia España was one of the chapters that had a place at the community village. I helped to organize it and we could talk with many people there.

Anything elseEdit