Welcome back from Wikimania 2015!




Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?

New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?


  • In a session about IEG grants, I met Marti Johnson and Siko Boutersee and we developed an initial idea of how to enable software development funding by involving the MediaWiki Stakeholders in the code review process.
  • In the wake of this session, I am also considering to become a member of the IEG committee, as my main concern about potential conflicts of interest proved to be something we can deal with.
  • Together with Mark Hershberger, I talked to members of the architecture committee about possible ways of an improved governance model for MediaWiki as a product.
  • MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group had it's own table at the hackathon. With this visibility, we were approached by various people and got some visibility.
  • Already at the airport, I got to talk to Dimi Dimitrov who is very active in EU policy. I am very interested in this topic and we had a good conversation about how this works and what we can do to support him there.
  • I met a lot of international contacts from the chapters' world and we discussed among others new opportunities that arise with the new composition of the board of trustees.

Anything elseEdit

MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group table #mwstake at Wikimania 2015