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SMWCon Fall 2016

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I gave the last talk of the conference entitled "Multilateral, asynchronous, bidirectional synchronisation of wikis" that demonstrated synchronising two wiki instances using git and, also, editing code to be committed to git-backed code repository using MediaWiki without touching git. Lex Sulzer gave a talk in which he referred to the small town I live in and, as a result, I met a German genealogy buff who actually came to small town where I live to use the MCC genealogy archives.


New Creation: What was one useful outcome of the event for the Wikimedia movement?

I worked on this code and the presentation after SMWCon and presented an updated version for the Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference.


  • Hotel: 450€
  • Air fare: US$1177.26
  • Attendance: €175 ($196)

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