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Wikimania 2015

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It has been great experience to see people who I have been working with them for many years, Many of developers and other user whom with discussed different topics, this I was leading TURKIC SPEAKING WIKIMEDIAN MEETUP and also I was following Asian Wikiemdian meet up, I separately talked with community members about future development and cooperation among the projects.


I have been following 3 main issues in this year wikimania 1) Iranian Wikimedians User Group which was successfully approved in the time of conference, I did follow ups and talking with different affcom members 2) Wikipedia:The Wikipedia Library with two other Iranian users, We have had several meeting with WMF team about this issue and hence we are working on it 3)Fixing bugs and doing some follow ups about old bugs which have been around for many years, we had some meeting both in person and group meeting about these issue and preveiously asked community to proivde technical issues that have been bothering them, it is good to mention user:Yamaha5 who has been great help about all technical issues, both in reporting and fixing them.

I also get to know many valuable community members with different backgrounds, I tried to share my experience as a long term user/admin with them and also learn from their experiences. based on my finding it seems all wikis are following and going the same paths, many of conflicts and issues with the wiki communities have already happened before and also solved before so if we can transfer the experience would save us (Both project and users) a lot of time.

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