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Event name edit

I Congresso Científico Brasileiro da Wikipédia

Participant connections edit

Foto de grupo en el CCBWIKI 03

I met some of the organizers and members of Wiki Educaçao Brazil, like Rodrigo Padula, Marcio Gonçalves, Ilan Chamovitz, Fernanda do Valle, Henrique Andrade, Luiz Carlos Affonso and some others who also are professors, scholars and researches who have focused his efforts in the Wikipedia Studies in the Portuguese Wikipedia and in other Wikimedia projects, specially those who are related with education and free knowledge.

I also met Dario Taraborelli and attended his lecture and his workshop about the reasearch tools that Wikimedia are developing.

Daniel Kinzler was one the researchers and developers who attended the congress and I was very happy to met.

I could make contact with other local students that are making very interesting researches and that I'd like to follow them, like Iara Vidal.

Outcome edit

Option 1: Shared Experience:
It was really great to met people who not just are part of the Wikimedia movement in Brazil and other parts of the world, but to hear and learn other studies, methodologies and research that are very important and interesting. This event was like a thermometer to measure some of the potential in the research and the field of the collaborative investigation on free knowledge, Wikipedia and others similar .
I was also present the advance of my investigation “Participación y conocimiento libre. El caso de Wikimedia México y los usuarios de Wikipedia en español” on the first day of the event and was very well received on the community.
With the presentation of Daniel Kinzler I learn a lot of things about Wikidata and the future of this project. With the lecture and workshop of Dario Taraborelli I understand the importance of the research projects of Wikipedia and his projects and the future of this kind of movements around the world.
Read the complete experience on my blog: Primer Congreso Científico Brasileño de Wikipedia
Category on Commons with pictures that I uploaded: Congresso Científico Brasileiro da Wikipédia
And also there are two news reports about an interview that I gave during the congress:

Finances edit

  • Flight: 862 USD[1]
  • Accommodation: 563.85 RBR (177.5 USD), for 3 nights at the Ibis Budget Hotel Centro, in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Food: 99.82 USD[2]
Food expenses per day
Type of currency October 11 October 12 October 13 October 14 October 15 October 16 TOTAL
USD 16.42 10 22.29 17.95 23.6 8.87 99.82
BR - 31.7 73.5 57.02 75 - -
  • Transportation: 33.56 USD[3]
Transportation expenses per day
Type of currency October 12 October 13 October 14 October 15 October 16 TOTAL
USD 2.58 2.58 2.58 10.82 15 33.56
BR 8.2 8.2 8.2 34.38 - -
MEX - - - - 280 -
  • Congress registration: 10 USD
  • TOTAL: 320.88 USD
Total expenses
Breakdown Amount
Accommodation 177.5
Food 99.82
Transport 33.56
Congress registration 10
Total 320.88
  • Original amount taking into account the flight: 1300 USD

Amount left over edit

  • 979 USD

Anything else edit

You can find the slides of my presentation on Commons:

Alvarez CCBWIKI presentation

Notes edit

  1. WMF ended up booking the flight on my behalf with a cost of 1,409.75 USD
  2. I am also including my food expenses on the airports the days previous and subsequents the event, cause there were considerable but also not beyond the budget.
  3. I couldn't obtain the receives of the subway in Rio de Janeiro, but I take 2 rides a day (4,10 BR per ride). The total amount of transportation exceeds the 10 dollars of the original budget, but I hadn't include the airport to the hotel, and airport to my home transport. That's why I'm including the transport from the airport to my home once I return to Mexico.