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Libre Graphics Meeting. International meeting of users, designers and developers of free software for design.
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Libre Graphics Meeting
Event date(s)
April 10-13 2013
Event location (city)
Madrid, Spain
Amount requested (remember to specify currency!)
USD 1935
  • MediaLab Prado has sent and invitation letter See letter (pdf)
    • Contact person: Marcos García (Director) marcos at
  • Libre Graphics Research Group has sent a letter of support for the proposal LGRU letter
    • Contact person: Femke Snelting femke at
  • Wikimedia Spain has expressed support to the project.
    • Contact person: Jorge Sierra. jorgesierra at

Budget breakdown

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Travel Air ticket Córdoba-Madrid Roundtrip 1 1835 1835 USD Final price of air ticket could be USD 1405, depending on availability on the date of purchase.
1 Transportation Transportation Airport-downtown Madrid 2 50 100 USD
Total Amount 1935 USD
Total project budget
US$2315 (just the workshop, not LGM itself)
Total amount requested
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Media Lab Prado and Libre Graphics Research Unit provides the rest of the organization requirements for this workshop, as a part of Libre Graphics Meeting.
Regarding to the workshop:
  • Medialab-Prado will take care of accommodation expenses
  • During the LGM (4 days), lunch will be covered by LGRU-Medialab-Prado

Non-financial requirements

  • Merchandising material of Wikimedia projects for LGM attendants (pins, calcos, pens, etc for people attending LGM 2013. Estimated: 100-150 people)
  • Communication support from WMF, before and after the event

Proposed Participation


Libre Graphics Meeting has accepted my proposal of a workshop for the official program. The activity name is Wikisprint: workshop with Wikimedia Commons at Libre Graphics Meeting. The workshop propose the attendants to learn about Wikimedia projetcs, specially Commons, and its dynamics of participation.

Final date was scheduled on 13 April 2013. See program.
Workshop will be lead by me, and is programmed to be 2 hours long.

Goal and Expected Impact


The workshop is proposed with short and long term goals.

  • Short terms goals include the contribution of the participants of the workshop itself, to Commons and Wikipedia. Contribution expected is not only regarding to some good quality materials uploaded or as future regular editors, but it's also expected to get engagement with the community and its particular issues, trying to help from a better understanding of this nature, possibilities and limitations, from the experience of free software designers.

The main way to accomplish this objective of the workshop is that attendants can contribute with new content to Wikimedia Commons, as well with suggestions for the daily tasks, summarized in a Wikiproject, specially regarding FLOSS software for graphic design and open formats.

  • Long term goals point to articulate Wikimedia Commons projects with the international community of users and developers of FLOSS graphics software, in order to develop common strategies regarding free knowledge.

The impact expected with this project is to introduce the Wikimedia Commons mission among designers using free software (users, not programmers), most of them doing already activism of free culture, but probably not contributing yet with design, and to articulate collaboration between two projects of free culture. Besides this, the concrete activity of the workshop will contribute with new content to Commons, and probably some ideas about daily tasks and ways of optimizing them. The special profile of the people attending Libre Graphics Meeting -graphic designers using free software and open formats- could be very helpful regarding some well known issues of designing with FLOSS software, or for open formats outputs.

The project has the potential to be replicated successfully by other individuals, groups, or organizations, since it's easy to replicate in next editions of Libre Graphics Meeting, or other meetings of like minded designers, and also have potential to be replicated, with some adaptation, in design schools.