• Wikidata: I talked to developers of Wikidata and made two patches gerrit:224812 and gerrit:224952 which now enable API wrapper around w:Special:UnconnectedPages (e.g. [1]). Participated at sessions related to Wikidata and got plenty of ideas to work which I'm working on them including using AI to harvest data from Wikipedia.
  • pywikibot: I talked Frances Hocutt and she made a re-evaluation of pywikibot client code (mw:Special:Diff/1754030/1778670) and now I have a new to-do list to work on (e.g. created this RFC related to adapting a CoC for pywikibot mw:Manual:Pywikibot/Code of conduct RFC). I also pulled out Wikibase parts of pywikibot so it would be usuable outside of pywikibot [2]
  • Wikimedia Commons: I paired up with Jarekt as Hackathon buddies to clean up files without machine-readable information (c:Category:Media missing infobox template) We worked on this issue on several ways: 1- We are adding information template using bots in case it's a self-published file and I wrote the code to do this and it's up and running. 2- we ask uploaders of the files to add information template. Because of that we created this message and I got the list and we will send it to people after we finish adding templates by bot 3- We got list of files that are not self-published work, and don't contain any external links. There are about 40K images like that (The list) and admins of commons are reviewing the list. I also fixed about 8K of them by bot already. (e.g.)
  • Revision Scoring: We talked about how we can improve revision scoring and made changes in Wiki-labels. I found someone to fix bug of Wiki-label regarding RTL diffs. I also extracted list of bad words in the following languages: id, he, ar, uk, af, it, ,hy, pl, ru, simple, and meta. list of bad words are crucial part of enabling support of ORES in that wiki. About enabling support of Wikidata in revision scoring we talked with developers of Wikidata and these bugs have been created because of that phab:T106307, phab:T106308
  • Medical articles: I talked to James Heilman about using bots to improve content of medical articles and I imported data from English Wikipedia to Wikidata in articles of diseases and than it is being used in their infoboxes automatically now. I also got new things to do now regarding medical articles.
  • OCG: With help of C. Scott Ananian we triaged these bugs phab:T73599, phab:T73598, and closed these bugs phab:T73592 phab:T73591, these bugs are related to PDF render in Persian Wikipedia.
  • MrMetadata: I fixed the bug that prevented mrmetadata being updated for a month.
  • Misc. Talked to developers to merge these patches gerrit:223497, gerrit:226030. Also per request of community members I created about 10K categories in Macedonian Wikipedia (w:mk:Специјална:Придонеси/Dexbot).
  • CA: Talked to James Alexander about community issues in Persian Wikipedia regarding problem of arresting Wikipedians, SSL rollout in Iran, Cross-wiki check user and lack of local check user in Persian Wikipedia. We are working on several solutions that will be revealed soon.
  • LGBT: Participated at LGBT meetup and got ideas on helping Wikidata on LGBT-related matters. Also talked with Patrick Early about anti-harassment efforts we are making and singed up on several tasks.
  • Legal: I had a meeting with the general counsel and Stephan LaPorte about 1- Fundraising in Iran and possible solutions regarding sanctions against Iran, 2- SSL rollout 3- Arresting Iranian Wikipedians and possible solutions if it happens. 4- Problem of getting visa for Iranians to attend Wikimania or other Wikimedia-related events. Some progress is being made and the results will be out soon.


I had the chance to meet wide range of people which always has been a privilege. I can recall a few out of so many. I use username for community members. There is no particular order.

  • Wikidata: Wikidata development team: Lydia Pintscher, Katie Filbert, Thiemo Kreuz, Daniel Kinzler, Marius Hoch.
  • pywikibot: Maarten Dammers, Frances Hocutt, Kunal Mehta.
  • Wikimedia Commons: User:Jarekt, User:NahidSultan
  • Revision Scoring: Aaron Halfaker, User:とある白い猫, Yuvi!
  • OCG: C. Scott Ananian
  • MrMetadata: Guillaume Paumier
  • i18n: Amir Aharoni, Moriel Schottlender
  • operations: Chase Pettet, Marc-André Pelletier.
  • API: Brad Jorsch.
  • Flow: User:Quiddity (WMF)
  • Research: Dario Taraborelli, Leila Zia, Ellery Wulczyn.