Welcome back from Wikimania 2015!

Me talking about educational outreach in 2nd Fenno-Ugric wikiseminar. August 2, 2015.





Option 1: Shared Experience:

I have brought Monterrey Tech and University of Tartu a bit closer. We've agreed to organize an online talks about our past experiences and future plans to encourage each other on our work with students and Wikipedia. Thous two are the biggest contributors of content to Wikipedia among all academic institutions participating in the Wikipedia Education Program worldwide.


I gave a talk about Estonian Education program, introduced one of the tools I'm developing and found new contacts for organizing European Science Photo Competition. I get to know new people, met some I have so far only talked online and had discussons with people I had known before.

Anything elseEdit

Throughout discussions I got some new ideas on what could be done (ex. what kind of tools are people missing).

P.S: I hate writing reports.