Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
As my first Wikimania i focused more on getting to know better the whole conference but of course not forgetting to share my experience with community using Facebook and Twitter but mostly Twitter during the days of the event. Some of my twits(, ). Also, since i have co-mentored a project here in Albania called Technovation, i shared with the girls who participated there a very interesting project named Women Tech Storm that i learned in Wikimania and is in high interest for Technovation's Girls.
Also, with the two other Albanians, Greta, Liridon and me, have created a page here in Albanian language to share our experience, and we shared this in Albanian mailing list to make it easier for Albanians to read about our experience.
Since it was my first Wikimania, i had the chance to meet a lot of new Wikimedians and new people from different projects of Wikimedia Foundation. For example, User:Rachel Farrand which helped a lot during Wikimania 2018,by providing me really helpful information about technical projects. I also followed a meetup about the new Project that is about to start in a month named 'Making wikipedia meaningful to 1 billion women'. I met there Maria Cruz, Eddie Erhart and Zack Mccune, which helped me to learn more about the project and how to get as much people as possible involved, people from our community and not only.
I followed the CEE meeting during the Wikimania conference and learned more about this year event that will be held in Lviev, Ukraine, what we should do more and better.


My fist Wikimania Conference was really great and i met so much new people and old ones, how i like to call them, Wikifriends. I met with:

  • Eddie Erhart,
  • Matti Blume,
  • Reem Al Kashif,
  • Maria Kreuz,
  • Vassia,
  • May Hachem,
  • Faith,
  • Zack Mccune,
  • Sami Mlouhi,
  • Romaine,
  • Snezhana,
  • Oscar Costero.

I had the possibility to talk with each of the above mentioned and get to know more on eachs role in Wikipedia and projects they were involved.

Anything elseEdit

Pictures taken during Wikimania 2018