Welcome back from Wikimania 2014!


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Participant connectionsEdit

I met Asaf Bartov and Alex Wang from the WMF Grants Program who have invited me and extended a full scholarship for me to attend Wikimania London 2014. I also met the people from the Learning and Evaluation Team, such as Jaime Anstee, Edward Galvez and Maria Creuz, plus the rest of the community who benefited from both PEG and IEG, whom I all met during the Grantmaking Learning Day. In addition, I met countless of people from the Wikimedia community itself during the conference proper, mostly from the GLAM-Wiki projects.

I also met some people from the Organizing Committee, most notably Ed Saperia who gave me great advice on coming up with projects that create meaningful impact.


I do not maintain a blog at the moment, but I made a public Facebook note about the experience and all the things I learned from Wikimania 2014. You can read it in full here.


I received a total of $190 for my per-diem during Wikimania 2014 which were all spent for food and snacks, transportation and biking around London for six days. Another $141 was given to me as well, which covered my UK visa application expense. Unfortunately I was not able to keep the receipts for my per-diem, so I apologize for not duly accounting my expenses.

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