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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!


Jnanaranjan Sahu

Odia Wikipedia


I have shared my experience with the local community on the monthly meet up event we organize each month called WikiTungi Bhubaneswar, shared experience, stickers and chocolates :) I have also briefly shared the same on Local Wikipedia Village Pump. I have shared my experience with some Santali Wikipedians who live in Odisha. I have drafted a blog and will publish that once the tool I have started during Wikimania gets completed successfully.
  • I have attended Wikimania and after discussion and help from tech guys, a long pending task of enabling flow has been finally activated on Odia Wikipedia.
  • Had a discussion with OTRS team regarding book re licensing for Project Parichaya. Now rather than sending emails from author we will be signing pages like this to get and preserve ticket till the book gets scanned and uploaded.
  • Currently, I am creating one tool that will merge pdf file parts from a library and upload to commons and may be Wikisource. The idea has been shared by user Bodhisattva and I am working on the tool. The code is hosted temporary here. Once completed I'll move the code to wmflab.



This year Wikimania has given me an extra exposure of meeting new people who believe in the same philosophy of sharing knowledge and working to make that reflect. Rather than my last Wikimania, I got to know a lot of people and I was so happy to meet, share my work and know about their work. Thanks, Wikimedia Foundation for the travel support. The good thing I may be working with some of them in the future.


Facebook Live recording - Working towards Growing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (GLOW)
A Photograph of presenters on GLOW

I have given a presentation along with Jack Rabah, Rupika and Banks baker. on GLOW specifically on Project Tiger Editathon 2018

Around 30 people have attended that event.

Here is commons and youtube ink of the presentation.


Here are some important people with whom I met and maybe collaborating in future as well.

  • I have shared a same table with Daniel Bogre and Frederico Andrade from Wikitongues on Community Village during WIkimania. We had some good discussions and I got to know how they work and their motivations.
    Odia Wikimedians User Group members Sailesh Patnaik and Jnanaranjan Sahu at Wikimania 2018
  • I met Sarah From Swedish Wikipedia and we have discussed a lot regarding our interest in organizing a global event in our community.
  • Met Anasuya and Seeko from  and had a discussion with them. They have influenced us a lot.
  • Met Jason from Shuttleworth Foundation I am working on some open source tools funded by their Organisation.
  • We had an extensive discussion with Banks Baker from Google, about how Wikipedia can help regarding the online presence of local language in google.
  • Started working with Balaji Jagathis from Tamil WIkipedia and Bodhisatwa from Bengali Wikimedia and we are planning to work collaboratively to make Our local Wikisource more improved.
  • Manik Soren from Santali Wikipedia and asked them to spread awareness about the existing jquery keyboard layout present for Santali language Wikipedia. We may be working in future for improving the Keyboard.
  • Had a discussion with Tisza gorge and asked for some help regarding building the app regarding 0Auth.
  • it was nice meeting with Tony Thomas and some developer members of  Wikipedia and had a discussion about app process and callbacks of different APIs.
  • Met with Shristi Sethi and discussed initiating Indian Wikimedia Developers Group. We will be to create a developer group in India.
  • Got a chance to meet with Brian and got some knowledge about how to host an app as well as cloud server of Wikimedia. I may seek his help to host my app there.
  • Met with the developer of Lingua Libre from France. Discussed features and old issues of the tool and they have shared the working flow of the app.
  • Met With Sunil from CIS-A2K and discussed a lot about current trends of volunteering work and how non-profit organizations work as well how CIS is functioning for Wikimedia and other organizations.
  • Had a small talk with OTRS team.
  • Take part in the Asian Wikimedia Meet Up. The list may be more but it is a really nice meeting with a lot of people and learn.

Anything elseEdit

I have taken photos of different places in Capetown. Will uplload them eventually.