Welcome back from Wikimania 2017!


Jetam2 I am mostly active on sk.wikipedia.


I was infected with even more enthusiasm for Wikidata due to Asaf Bartov and Andrew Lih. Wikidata and its nuances is something that needs to be used more widely in our community and I can offer more nuanced information though there is a lot to learn yet. During the North American conference I learned that perhaps not all knowledge should be on Wikipedia and that sometimes we need to be careful so that we do not publish something that is sacred. At the same time, oral traditions need to be taken into account as some cultures are less document-based than others.


I was able to connect with the Research Team and perhaps will start working with them. Thanks to Leila Zia I now understand Phabricator much better and also started a process for Slovakia to move its WikiLovesMonuments data over to Wikidata (but one that needs more discussion in the community). That team also had very useful information as well as goodies to be taken home for winners and other promotion. I was also able to connect with the organizers of the Diversity Conference in a very meaningful way. In the opposite direction, I provided significant information to the Wikimedia Deutschland team that was asking for community wishes and feedback.

Anything elseEdit