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Talking about the Wikipedia Campaign projects in Nigeria at a panel discussion.

Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!


Jamie Tubers

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The 2018 Wikimania is my first Wikimania ever! I received scholarship from the 2017 edition, which I was unable to attend due to visa hassles; my scholarship slot was then moved to this year's Wikimania. This gave me an opportunity to serve in both the Scholarships and Programs Committees for the conference, and it was an absolutely amazing experience!

For this conference, I gave a total of five (5) presentations, as follows:


Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?
At the Wikimania Conference, I got to meet some fellow Wikimedians who are keen on joining me to form a new Wikimedia project which is dedicated to solving the African content gap through pop culture. The AfroCine Project was fully kickstarted. It is project which aims to encourage the contribution of Wikimedia content, which are related to the cinema, theatre and arts of Africa, the Caribbean and the diaspora. We were also able to decide that we would dedicate 2018 October and November to African cinema. Hence there will be a global onwiki edit-a-thon tagged The Months of African Cinema; this new edit-a-thon is gaining a lot of traction already and I look forward to it! Furthermore; also through the AfroCine Project, there's an Offline Nollywood in development, backed by Kiwix.


Presenting a lightning talk on how to organize highly successful photo events.

I made some new connections at the conference and it was great and productive meeting some old friends (whom I have met in other conferences) again, and getting to discuss!

  • Sherry Antoine, Felix Nartey and Kelly Foster sat together with me a few times to plan the next steps for the AfroCine Project.
  • Justice Allotey, Andrea (Jaluj), Erik Bolinda (Wikimaster), User:TMagenand several others individually discussed several distinct areas where we can make AfroCine thrive.
  • Had discussions with Stephane (Kiwix) to make Offline Nollywood happen.
  • Sat together with Helmi (Helmoony) from Tunisia, on opportunities available for AfroCine on Wikidata.
  • Also chatted briefly with Reem Alkashif from Egypt on the activities she's been doing in her country. She's also planning to lead AfroCine Project in Egypt.
  • Met with Camelia Boban and she wants to organize AfroCine projects for the Italian Wikipedia through WikiDonne Usergroup.
  • Discussed activities planned for Wiki Loves Love with Rupika Sharma.
  • Met around half of the members of the strategy working group (a lot of names!) and it was really interesting listening to their viewpoints in person; most especially those who are members of my working group (Diversity Working Group).
  • Shola Olaniyan and I met with Woubzena Jifar and Dumisani Ndubane from the foundation, to discuss some key areas in the organization of WikiIndaba 2019 in Nigeria.
  • Sat down with one of the keynote speakers, Dr. Martin Dittus and we had a pretty long discussion bordering on issues that affect diversity of knowledge and participation in the movement, and possible ways to overcome that.
  • Met with Amir Aharoni, to ask some questions about Wikidata, specifically about the lack of translation games/tools; we both approached the Wikidata team together, concerning this.
  • Met with Lea Lacroix of Wikidata, and possibilities for organizing Wikidata anniversary in Nigeria (with original swag items from WMDE) and that would be happening!
  • Attendance at my presentations were quite good too, and it was a pleasant experience for the most part! The interactions gave really warm feeling; it proved that I was understood by the audience.

Other notable Wikipedians whom I enjoyed meeting and discussing with include, but not limited to:

  • Christel (Kritzolina) - She's always a joy to talk to and always ready to help! :).
  • Douglas Scott
  • Mina from Greece
  • User:Lodewijk
  • Cornelius Kibeka
  • Erina Mukuta
  • Stella Agbley
  • Joy Agyepong
  • Jeremiah Pieterson (a Librarian from South Africa)
  • Filip Maljovic (from Serbia)
  • Mickey Mystique
  • Rehman Abubakar
  • Finally; it was a pleasant experience meeting Irene Tait in person, after rendering so much help virtually, right from the time of my first Wikimania scholarship! Same appreciation goes for Ellie Young!

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