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  • I presented a 2h workshop about Wikipedia at Quebec National Library and Archives (BAnQ) and I uploaded the presentation on commons (see below). The initiative has been possible with the collaboration of two other wikimedians ( Ahmed Houamel and Abdelhak Ferah).
  • Unfortunately the second scheduled workshop, where I was supposed to support main speakers has been canceled due to the absence of a room.
  • I explained during a workshop in Wikiarabia 2017 the latest tools related to Wikidata (based on my knowledge and what I learned during Wikidata sessions in Wikimania 2017 (example wikidata based infoboxes).
  • I started, an article in the Arabic wikivoyage explaining how to get a successful conference trip. I gave tips for travelers and organizers based on what I saw from new and experienced participants in Wikimania.


  • During wikimania I met a lot of wikimedians and it was a great pleasure to talk face to face with persons I know only by username.

I discussed with Solstag after his presentation about the future of Wikiversity. It was really surprising for me to see the Portuguese wikiversity completely throwing away courses from there and put them in Wikibooks. Having Wikiversity only for learning process is quite innovative for that dead project and may be a solution applicable for other wikis.

  • I obtained from WMDE a source file of a poster about picture licenses, and I'm supposed to translate it in Arabic and show it during Wikiarabia 2017 in Egypt.

Anything elseEdit

The presentation about Arabic wikipedia during Wikimania 2017

Me (on the left) with Abdelhak Ferah in the community village
Arabic wikipedia community