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Welcome back from Wikimania 2017!


Harmonia Amanda

I'm mostly on Wikidata, where I'm a sysop but I'm also active on the French Wikipedia (where I am also a sysop), the French Wikinews, the French Wikisource and Commons.


Option 1: Shared Experience: I'm organizing a meeting about what we learned at Wikimania for Wikidata in the monthly Wikidata workshop I animate in Paris. Due to the absence of many regular attendees in September, we scheduled it for October, 13.

I also gave a specific return about gendergap tools and projects at the Gaîté Lyrique Editathon Art&Feminism. I also covered my experiences in social media (twitter).

With the Parisian group, we are scheduling a global Wikimania report (all subjects and how we can learn and do similar projects locally with Ash Crow as soon as the regular chapter activities slow down (many local projects have already scheduled meetups in September/October so we are waiting for a date where most people are free to attend).


I gave a talk about importing date to Wikidata. The room was full and I had positive discussions after that. I met with people working on the same subjects as me and we exchanged tools and information.

I'm especially happy about my work about translating the most used Wikidata items in all languages (particularly regional ones) because I met people speaking many different languages at Wikimania and I'm starting to know people from all around the world who accepted to help sometimes (not all of them where volunteering long terme but most people where happy to translate a dozen items each, which is exactly what we needed). This project of mine progressed more during Wikimania than during all the previous year!

Anything elseEdit