Grants:TPS/Harej/ILTY Training in Seattle/Report

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Over the course of the weekend I met with most of the leadership of the Cascadia Wikimedians User Group, where we discussed the user group's plans for organizing the Cascadia region.

I led the facilitator workshop the Friday before the main event on Saturday, featuring five participants. The five participants were drawn from the local user group, plus a librarian from the UW Library and the organizer of the Critical Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon the following day.

At the Critical Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon I met Michael Gilbert, a researcher who is studying online collaboration through WikiProjects. A useful connection for my WikiProject X, another thing I am working on.

Outcome Edit

Option 2: Learning Pattern: What is one useful learning pattern you can share with the Wikimedia movement?
Add a link to a learning pattern - either a new pattern you created with insights from your participation, or an existing pattern to which you added your endorsement and some significant new "considerations" or “examples” from your experience.

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  • Airfare: $299.20
  • Hotel: $435.08
  • Total: $734.28

All amounts USD.

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USD$0.80 is left over. I return the remaining balance to the Wikimedia Foundation.

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The event was covered in the student newspaper: "Feminists aim to fix the Wikipedia gender gap". (As with all things in life, avoid the comments section.)