Welcome back from Wikimania 2014!




My participation in Wikimania this year was more focused on learning from the mobile team and other hackers working on stuff related to mobile. I wanted to learn as much as possible from the developer community that could aide working on WikiTrack - an IEG funded project. As an outcome of my participation in Wikimania, I will be working with the Evaluation team in further strengthening the process of measuring impact for tools. I will also be working with Idea Labs mentoring some new IEG proposals and grantees. I have offered to help WMF team working on the education program where needed in India, if approached. I shall also be helping out with Wikimedia Zero initiative in India on whatever I can help with as a veteran Wikimedian from India.
The connections I have made with the developer community - in particular the mobile team, with the Community Liason and the Wikimedia Zero program shall be quite helpful for me. I would love to help strengthen the (mobile) tools to make Wikimedia projects more accessible in India.