Welcome back from Wikimania 2014!



eswiki, commonswiki


Wikimania is for me an special opotunity to know new people (or to know people who I interacted on the wikis but not in person). In the last Wikimania in London I participated on hackaton, I spoke with the developers of the Foundation about the new MediaViewer tool and the implementation of Visual Editor.

I assisted to the conferences about Commons where we discussed about the very known legal disputes that we had in commonswiki in the last months.

And I knew London (I didn't know that city), it's very beautiful and I took photo, due my job I didn't free time to choose the best to upload in commons, but you can see them on flickr, all under creative commons license, in this album.

I'll hope to participate in the next years in the incomings Wikimania.

Kings Regards!!!