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<Option 3: New Creation: It was a great honour to participate in Wikimania Mexico 2015 as a speaker and after getting a scholarship!

As every gathering of Wikimedia contributers, I got to know new people, learned a lot of new tools and ongoing projects especially! This is why I selected option 3 for my report; to highlight the outcome of that event for the Wikimedia TN user group and myself as well.

First, the wikidata tool: I’ve never contributed to that tool before Wikimania 2015. Even though I’m not into coding or data managing but I found a descent way for me to help with the minimum I learned from user Multichill.

Second, the kick off of the MedinaPedia project in Tunisia ( That came after long discussions (in Tunisia) but with a little push from the Mapping project of the Wikimedia Philippines. A blog that I wrote later:

Third, my presentation: I had the chance to present in a regional panel the benefits and challenges of organising regional meetings (you can see my tweet from the panel )


The great thing about Wikimania is meeting old friends like Effeietsanders (which means eating dutch stroopwaffles ) and many others, and for sure making new ones and promising to run the GLAM survey in Tunisia for Beat Estermann! (hope will do it!).

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