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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!


Iddy John



Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
Add a link here to a blog post or newsletter you wrote about your participation afterwards, or to a meet-up you organized to share your experience with your local community.

Since came back home after Wikimania Capetown 2018, I was quite busy with few deadlines of my own, but this September looking forward to share a lot with my community and local volunteers in Tanzania about new Wikimedia projects, and excited as we will start Wiki Loves Monument and as well as Wiki Loves Africa this month.


  • Woubzena Jifar
  • Katherine Maher
  • Erina Muhame
  • lodewijk
  • Isaac Kanguya
  • Stefanie Kastner
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Florence Devouard
  • Isla Haddow Flood
  • May Hachem
  • McKensie Mack
  • Anasuya Sengupta
  • Siko Bouterse
  • Claudia Pozo
  • Kira Allmann
  • Shamillah Wilson
  • Zubaida Hattas
  • Ayesha Davids
  • Sumaiyah Davids
  • Amira Dhalla
  • Anna Torres Adell
  • Asaf Bartov
  • Ashwin Mathew
  • Beatrice Savadye
  • Ben Vershbow
  • Bishakha Datta
  • Carmen Alcázar
  • Carolyne Ekyarisiima
  • Christel Steigenberger
  • Daisy Selematsela
  • Daniel Bogre Udell
  • Evangeline Udenyi
  • Fanelwa Ngece Ajayi
  • Garfield Byrd
  • Gavin Weale
  • Ghiwa Sayegh
  • Gisela Perez de Acha
  • Eow
  • gretchen andrew
  • Heather Hart
  • Ivàn Martìnez
  • Jake Orlowitz
  • Jasmeen Patheja
  • Joana Varon
  • João Alexandre Peschanski
  • Joy Agyepong
  • Kelly Foster
  • Chan
  • Meral Akkent
  • Milia Eidmouni
  • Mmaki Jantjies
  • Nayantara Ranganathan
  • Nick Shockey
  • Nicola
  • Peter Cunliffe-Jones
  • Purity Kagwiria
  • Viktor Semeniuk
  • Sydette Harry
  • Jason Hudson
  • Shun-Ling Chen
  • Kalli O Pe
  • Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou
  • Ryan Kaldari
  • Satdeep Gill

I met with Lodewijk through Florence and Isla, also got introduced to Woubzena and later Katherinie, there were interesting chats and meetups about Wiki projects and how their focusing and helping locals chapters and communities to do more and better. With this discussion we were able to discuss about Wiki Loves Women, Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Monuments and even had a chance ti add Tanzania on a map.
Daniel from Wiki Tongue was one key people I met, and we've opened a discussion on how we can spread the words and be part of Wiki Tongues in Tanzania.
Met with Katherine who ended introducing me to Richard, which we happen to discuss and talk about all projects in general and few points were made clear and as well as a promise to stay in touch participate more events and not to hesitate to ask for help or share advice if necessary any time.
I will say in general every I've met on this event are so communicative and friendly, people were keen to help and make sure your issues are settled, without not to mention meeting my Wiki Loves Africa SA and UG team, Florence, Isla, Erina and others, as this it was my first time after being part of Wiki projects for the past four years in Tanzania.
The whole experience was amazing, also met with Issac Kanguya who happen to be my room mate and a friend during the all days of events, he shared with me his experience of editing by using his phone and the number of articles he has added on Wiki, which made re-think of an idea of start writing on my local language "Swahili".

Anything elseEdit

This was my first Wikimani, first Wiki global experience, I should thank the South Africa Wikimedia for the Scholarship, and I truly appricoate the effort both Bobby Shabangu and Stefanie Kastner made to make sure my logistic and other arrangement are all settled. I will share my exeprience to others back home "Tanzana" and I believe there will be another room for this type of experience for me and other volunteers, this type of experience are indeed eye opener and they can help number of communities and chapters volunteers understand the main goal and goals of focus of wikipedia.

Lastly, somehting like "Decolonizing the internet" should never die, it was an amazing hack, this type of discussion should always be part of Wikimania Events and other Wiki gatherings.