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New Creation

At Wikimania I presented a talk on the WikiMiniAtlas map widget.

At the Hackaton I started work on an interactive panoramic image viewer. The viewer allows users to explore the spherical panoramas and enables looking around and zooming via mouse. It consists of a server side image proxy (to pull commons images to wikimedia labs) and a Javascript gadget. I finished a preliminary working version and presented it at the hackathon showcase session. While developing the tool I engaged in discussions with the commons community on wiki on how to tag panoramic images.


  • Met the new Maps team Yuri Astrakahn and Max Semenik and discussed features from WikiMiniAtlas to be ported over to a production maps widget.
  • Talked with Wikimedia Deutschland engineers about my category traversal tool that is online on commons to potentially join forces with the cast graph team.
  • Talked to Brion Viber about his dormant project for embedding user scripts on article pages. I would love to start a project to bring interactive content to Wikipedia pages (educational applets).
  • Talked to Aaron Halfaker about making the AI article quality metrics available in bulk to use for taking articles down on a world map (show high quality articles first).
  • Attended a Breaking Commons roundtable which gave me plenty of new ideas for commons gadgets (for example a simple thumbs up/down image rating tool).
  • Had a chance to directly interact with a Wikimedia Labs engineer (Coren) face to face to get my WikiMiniAtlas instance recovered after the NFS failure took it out.