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Met some active persons involved in Openknowledge and Opensource movements in India

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Shared Experience:

Started by mentioning the fact that there are less participation of Women in Wikipedia movement. Then I detailed how I got into the Wikipedia movement by adding articles on Women writers of coastal Karnataka. Then I dwelt in detail the work and efforts of Wiki Women Mangaluru(The Wikimedia user group) in bridging Gender Gap. There were two way benefits by this talk - firstly, I could present our work to a larger audience, some of whom got motivated and are going to organise Wikipedia workshop at their place and secondly, I could get some extra energy and enthusiasm to continue the work due to the appreciation shown by the participants.

More details are available in my blog here.

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Amount spent (in INR)
Travelling Charges 2343.6
Hotel Charge 8198
Total 10541.6

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Not applicable. Applying for reimbursement.

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Presentation Slide deck is here.