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Opportunities provided by TPS edit

  • Travel funding provides opportunities to deeply connect participants to the movement and each other.
  • Participation Support demonstrates an opportunity to reach a range of new Wikimedia grantees, including women and participants in the Global South.

Recommendations edit

  • The volume of requests and grants made in this program must be increased in order to fully realize its potential; the scale of use is too small with the current scope and setup.
  • Program pages should be redesigned for ease-of-use and to generate joy.
  • Simpler application methods should be investigated in order to keep the process open to a range of applicants.

SCOPE OF WORK for Travel and Participation Support Grants edit

TPS should fit into overall concepts of the look and feel of grants pages, be informative and inviting, & explain the purpose and intention of Wikimedia grantmaking. timing approximation in green

Initial edit

one week

Design document edit

Create a design document that outlines the requirements of the TPS process

  • Determine who will use it (read + talk with Siko)
  • Determine priorities of each user
  • Outline required pages and forms
  • Main landing
  • Application workflow (eligibility, application form, etc)
  • Surface applications in various statuses (open, funded, past, etc)
  • Surface reports (requirements, reports in various statuses, etc)

two weeks with one week of revision

Design development edit

  • Create mockups/wireframes, develop colors in line with grants programs, come up w/ a logo/theme/mascot

two weeks with one week of revision

Build edit

  • Build pages and forms and process templates

three weeks with one week of revision

Test edit

  • Make necessary revisions

one week with revisions

  • Increase the joy of Wikimedians