The most important benefit of the conference was getting to know other Wiki's contributors, talk and discuss their concerns, problems, and achievements.

As I am a Wikipedia Education Program coordinator and mentor, I tried to learn about several aspects of the Wikimedia Education Program, partnership, and engaging volunteers. I learned how non-wiki activities can play a great role in motivating students and making the Wikimedian community survive. I learned how Wikimedia Student Association can be useful to encourage students from the presentations. I will use these methods in my next course of WEP.

in The Wikipedia library sessions, I was inspired to launch the 1Lib1Ref campaign in Persian Wikipedia and improve the articles without a source to minimize.

In cooperation with User:Bijay chaurasia, I decide to join the Wiki Loves Villages. Also, I joined a meeting about Wikipedia Asian Month, where I am a jury member of Persian Wikipedia.

Furthermore, Talking with different people on the sidelines, while learning about various cultures and languages, was for better communication and planning assistance for future strategies. In the nighttime gathering, we had many related discussion with Asen Stefanov, Veronika Kraemer, Christopher Schwarzkopf, Mina Theofilato, Snezana Strkovska, Mohsen Salek, and Olga Vasileva; our last talk lasted about four hours and it was about “What is Knowledge Equity? What does it mean to you?” and the result was written by Asen.

I will report my activities and prepare the results of my conferences and the impact of my Wikimania experience in the various programs that I suppose to do, for the next year and I hope that this positive process of research and events will continue, and have an effect on user engagement and our education program, as well as increasing the quality of articles in the Wikipedia.