Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!




So far, little time has passed since the conference. Many ideas have not yet been implemented. However, I managed to do something already:

  1. During the conference, I helped to shoot and edit the video with a greeting from Wikipedia representatives in the languages of Russia. The video was shown on the second day of the conference, and then constantly rotated on the screens on the third floor of the hotel, where the conference was held.[1]
  2. At the Wikimedia Russia meeting we discussed the conference and decided to submit an offer to host Wikimania in Moscow in 2021.[2]
  3. On Wikimania I saw a very interesting poster on using the LanguageConverter gadget. I discussed with the participants of Russian Wikipedia the possibility of using it in our section to eliminate the problem of controversial spelling of a number of geographic terms. During the discussion, we decided that for Wikipedia this solution does not quite fit, but we can apply it in Russian Wikisource to switch between the old (up to 1918) and the new Russian spelling.[3]
  4. At the conference, I discussed copyright issues with representatives of different countries. We have already achieved a number of changes in the laws in our country, but at the conference I received many new ideas. Now I am on behalf of Wikimedia Russia preparing amendments on the reform of copyright in Russia.
  5. At the conference, I learned about the Spanish contest "Wiki loves folklore." We discussed it at the meeting of Wikimedia Russia and decided that in the future we will also hold it.[4]


On Wikimania I managed to communicate with a lot of people from Armenia, Ukraine, Poland, South Africa, India, Finland, Estonia, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, etc. In general, with representatives of various local chapters. We discussed various Wikimedia projects, which are held in the world, as well as various projects of Wikimedia Russia.


I had a partial scholarship to attend Wikimania 2018 (registration fee + accommodation). Therefore, all documents related to conference are at the Wikimedia Foundation.

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