Welcome back from Wikimania 2015!


Ctac (Stanislav Kozlovskiy)

Russian Wikipedia, Wikimedia Russia


  1. My visit to Wikimania was useful in understanding how to organize major events for Wikimedians. This experience is useful for me and other members of Wikimedia Russia when we are organizing the major Wiki-Conference for Russian-speaking Wikimedians. This year the Conference will take place in Kostroma in October, 2015.
  2. During discussions with turkic-speaking wikimedians there was born an idea of turkic language projects conference. It’s proposed to name this conference Wiki-Bayram and the first conference of this kind is expected in Azerbajan.
  3. An idea of a new project started up, WikiFolklore, that is a collection of audio and video recordings of performance of folklore songs and music of national instruments, which is put on Wikmedia Commons under free licenses to be used in Wikipedia articles. We are going to start this project soon.
  4. The CEE-meetup during Wikimania was a very useful. In September there will be a special CEE-Meeting in Tartu, Estonia, which is influenced by the meetup in Mexico.


  1. I talked to a lot of members of the Wikimedia Chapters and User Groups. It was quite useful to exchange the information on the projects that they organize in their countries. What are the successes and failures. Their experince in fundrasing was quite invormative. Probably we will organize some of the projects similar to those that were discussed during those meetings.
  2. I met WMF Legal Director, Yana Welinder and discussed a lot of legal issues important for Wikimedia Russia.
  3. Last but not least, it was very important to meet Lila Tretikov. We discussed a lot of topics related to the cooperation between WMF and Wikimedia Russia.