Grants:TPS/Brinacor/Communicating Astronomy with the Public Conference 2018/Report

Event name edit

Communicating Astronomy with the Public Conference 2018

Participant connections edit

My talk was attended by almost 60 people. Additionally, the theme of Wikipedia and Astronomy was voted to be the topic of a one-hour discussion session which I led and moderated. This discussion session was attended by over 40 people. After my talk and the discussion session I swapped contact information with ~10 participants who were particularly interested in continuing to discuss Wikipedia outside the conference and am currently in the process of contacting everyone.

Additionally, it was very interesting to see how frequently Wikipedia came up during other talks and plenaries, and casually in discussion with conference participants. I think the goal now is to capitalize on this awareness of, and interest in, Wikipedia's role in astronomy education and outreach.

Outcome edit

Option 2: Learning Pattern:

I created this learning pattern and will continue to update it as this project progresses.

Finances edit

Expense Amount Requested Amount Spent
Roundtrip Flight NL-JP 1000.00 USD 841.90 USD
Conference Registration 135 USD 135 USD
Accommodation 240 USD 16,472 JPY (154.12 USD)
Conference Banquet 45.00 USD 5,000 JPY (46.78 USD)
Food, conference activities, and local transportation 260 USD 510 USD
Total 1680 USD 1687.80 USD

Amount left over edit

Local expenses, particularly on conference activities, food, and transportation cost more than I originally budgeted, so the money I saved on the flight and accommodation went towards covering those costs (I detail this further in my full expense report). Therefore, I spent all funds.

Anything else edit

Thank you very much for supporting my participation in this conference. I'm excited to continue working on this topic and promote further collaboration between the Wikimedia and Astronomy communities!