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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!


Biplab Anand


Wikimania 2018 was my second Wikimania. It's always a pleasure to meet and interact Wikim(p)edians around the globe and learn the skills. This was first time that I participated in a panel discussion and talk about the New Readers Campaign in Nepal.

I shared my experience with my community both Online and Offline
Nepali Wikipedia
Maithili Wikipedia
I have shared my Wikimania experience and learning with my local community members at Rajbiraj Meetup.

We discussed about planning for ESEAP conference 2019 and proposal for Wikimedia SAARC 2020 conference.

I talk about the ongoing promotional campaign of Maithili Wikipedia in Nepal. It was a great experience for me to be a part of the panel participant.

For the development of the small wiki, I attend a session to learn how to use Wikidata as a tool to increase the content and quality of a small wiki.

How to fulfill the gap of rural area (both textually and photographically) in compared to urban context.


  • Satdeep Gill: We discussed about progress of New readers campaign in Nepal as well as possible collaboration between Punjabi WUG and Maithili WUG.
  • Viswa: We discussed on scholarship evaluation process and efficient financial management process for WikiCamp Nepal.
  • Bodhisattwa Mandal: We discussed and exchanged ideas about GLAM projects.
  • Nahid Sultan: We discussed about different Wikimedia projects and community collaboration.
  • Nurunnaby Chowdhury Hasive: We discussed and decide to organize an online Edit-a-thon event focusing Bangla and Nepali Wikipedia community aiming to create women related articles of both countries.
  • Saqib Khan: We mostly exchange our ideas on Wiki Loves event.
  • Moheen Reeyad: Discussion regarding various important tools and copyright policies.
  • Diego Delso: Obviously how to click Feature Image (FI) of Wikimedia Commons :)
  • Nirmal Dulal- We discussed on progress of Nepali Wikipedia and WikiCamp Nepal.
  • Nabin Sapkota: We discussed about support, collaboration and engagement of new user to Wikipedia as well as to Wikimedia Movement in Nepal.
  • Pavanaja U.B.: We discussed on different Wiki projects.
  • Ananya Mondal: How to pilot WLB in Nepal.

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