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Spanish Wikipedia


Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?

As an Argentine contributor to the Spanish Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, I have been largely affected by the massive deletion of files done under the URAA argument, as many other Argentinian contributors. Consequently, during my stay at Wikimania I have tried to participate in sessions that put the focus on what content is acceptable on Commons, its scope and limitations. My impression was that it has formed an extensive and fairly accurate diagnosis of the current situation, but no concrete alternatives have emerged that could establish an end to the dispute. I had the opportunity to share my own experience and of others affected users with different wikimedians, about the arguments of the various parts for and against restoring deleted content, finding that the results have been mixed and heavily relied on the interpretation that each administrator did. This helped me also to understand the vision of other users, so we can support and explain better to members of our community when they are frustrated by the massive deletion of their uploads.


Iberocoop group meetup.

In addition to my participation as an assistant to the talks, I attended as a member of Wikimedia Argentina of the meetup of Iberocoop that took place on the evening of August 9; I had the opportunity to speak with the group that will organize Wikimania 2015, with whom we exchange experiences, tips and anecdotes of events previously organized by my chapter, including Wikimania 2009 and other events at the regional level. Also, I got to know personally several users from Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador and Costa Rica, with whom I interact virtually, but we had not previously had the opportunity to meet. With some of them we exchanged a lot of ideas about how to implement different programs to increase the reach of our projects, specially in the Education sector, taking in consideration our experience in Wikimedia Argentina and their own local groups.

Anything elseEdit

  • Here are some images, uploaded to Flickr with a compatible license, taken by me. Some of them are already available on Commons.
  • Finally, I would like to thank the Wikimedia Foundation for giving me the opportunity to participate in this conference and for all the experiences and learning that I have taken, arising directly from it.