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Welcome back from Wikimania 2017!


Ash Crow

I am mainly active on Wikidata, where I am a sysop, and on the French Wikipedia (on which I have been active since 2005, and have the sysop status since 2006). I am also sometimes a bit active on the French and Breton versions of Wikisource, and on Wikimedia Commons.


Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?
I entirely rewrote the DataDrainer gadget for Wikidata during the Wikimania hackathon to meet the current standards for JS gadgets. This gadget allows to remove in one click all the labels, descriptions, aliases and/or sitelinks from an item. It is useful, for example, when descriptions have been based on an erroneous "instance of" declaration.

As for the experience sharing part, I plan two things:

  • I plan to organize a meeting in Paris with Harmonia Amanda and other attendees for the rest of the parisian contributors, but I am waiting for the current events in the French chapter to settle.
  • I will also write a blog article about the four Wikimedia-related events I've attended this year, including Wikimania, after the WikidataCon in Berlin. This post is now here.


I made the Wikicheese poster and co-organized the Wikicheese session during Wikimania, with ~ 40 people attending.

During the conferences, I mainly attended to the Wikidata track, and met with various editors and discussed about new tools to develop for this project (for example, I talked with Tpt and several other contributors about a tool to easily split Wikidata items that mix data about a book and its editions.)

I also attended the French editors meeting, where I discussed with the contributors from the Atikamekw Wikipedia about launching Wikimedia projects in minority languages.

Anything elseEdit

The Wikicheese poster