Grants:TPS/Anthere/Kiwix Hackathon/Report

Event name


Kiwix Hackathon post Wikimania 2017.

Participant connections


There were 25-30 participants to the hackathon, including people from various paths in life since the goal of its organizers was to get together engineers as well as UX designers, content matter experts as well as experienced open access publishers on offline topics .


I presented m:WikiFundi to the group :
videos of the events were made, I was recorded in both French and English (and appears to have been the most talkative ;)): [1]
an article has been published on :
inclusion of Wikifundi in other offline environments was discussed and is likely to be implemented
I met developers willing to help with WikiFundi development

It was a useful meeting and I am very happy I could join it. What I specifically appreciated was... the mix of people, particularly fertile for connexions and brainstorming on future partnerships. It was well organized in a quiet end operational nvironment.



Expenses were lower than originally planned as I was kindly transported on the way there, and most meals were provided. Final expenses:

  • ESTA : 14 dollars
  • one dinner : 30 dollars
  • 3 nights : 120 dollars
  • train to return to Montreal : 33 dollars

Total : 197 dollars

Amount left over


I did not ask for prepayment but post payement.

Anything else