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Option 1: Shared Experience: Since my return I have spoken to a number of people on what I learnt from Wikimania. I was also invited by some active editors of Hausa Wikipedia and one who works largely on Commons all of them in Kano Nigeria, for me to share with them what I learnt. I related to them my experience and had lengthy discussions on how to move forward in engaging new editors from our community. I spoke with them on key points of organizing awareness/editing workshop, problems and opportunities as well as salient points of community engagement/new editors retention and sustaining young community. The discussion and my interlocutors largely benefitted from what I learnt during WMF Learning Days on program design and resources management.
Moreover, I will share my experience with my local Hausa community in our upcoming outreach events in some key Northern states of Nigeria. That is opportunity of sharing much of what I learnt from Wikimania to larger audience and prospective editors just like the way I have been speaking with individuals and smaller informal groups.
I also wrote about the entire journey on Katsina-based Cliqq Magazine: Takeaway from Cape Town.


I met and had important discussion with User:Masssly from Ghana. I greatly enjoyed meeting him and discussed a wide range of issues and possible future collboration.

Anything elseEdit

With Jimmy Wales, Katherine Maher, Olaniyan and Chaste Padman

It was profoundly stimulating to meet great mix of people from nearly 80 other countries, added to the boundless spirit of goodwill, amicability and collegiality exhibited throughout my stay. Wikimania2018 was terrific moment worthy of reminiscing over and over but more importantly, I learned a lot, beyond what words can describe, both from the series of talk sessions I attended and the people I talked to. It was also great meeting Jimmy Wales and Andrew Lih.