Welcome back from Wikimania 2014!



Chinese Wikipedia


Shared Experience: By posting photos and small introductions during the Wikimania by our social media account, I be able to spread the ideas of Wikimania and Wikimedia movement, and show what our community looks like, how are the Wikipedians, and what is our goal.

New Creation:

  • I talked with several Wikipedians from East Asia and Southeast Asia, and came out an idea of an workshop designed for Far East Wikimedia communities who shared similar culture background but different with western countries.
  • I also discussed with chapter members from Taiwan and Hong Kong, for cooperations among chapters, since we all Chinese Wikipedia based. We all think we should work together on martial translation and generation, to share the pressure on huge amount of work.


I attended serval meet-ups and discussions on Wikimania, which is really nice to meet and talk with people we know each other online only. It's easier for sharing experience and idea other than methods such as Email, which is really serious. It was a good opportunity to introduce my social media project through the panel talk, which had a lot of people attended. That I hope it can inspire some community to think about the way like social media to help the Wikimedia Movement.

Anything elseEdit