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Event name edit

Creative Commons Global Summit 2015

Participant connections edit

I met with Creative Commons' Africa Regional Coordinators (Alex Gakuru and Tobias Schonwetter) together with my fellow CC Africa volunteers and we discussed the challenges and projects that we were undertaking or planning within the coming year. I also met with Cable Green (Creative Commons Director of Global Learning) as well as Rebecca Rendl, Creative Commons Director of Development. On the last day, I met with Wikimedia Foundation's Lila Tretikov and Jan Eissfeldt and together, I told them about the challenges of Wikimedia in Kenya. Together with Lila and Jan, we met with Wikimedia contributors from Seoul.

Outcome edit

After the Creative Commons Africa Regional Meetup, a few members expressed interest in deploying offline WIkipedia in their various countries. I therefore showed them a demo of the Kiwix Offline Wikipedia and a few basics of how to install and use it. I also pointed them to the Wikimedia Grants Page and encouraged them to apply for funding for such a mission-aligned project.

I've also published a Manual on how to use Offline Wikipedia.

Finances edit

  • Visa fee: $150
  • Meals: $200
  • Transport: $100
  • Airfare: $936.50 (booked directly by WMF)

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