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In 2020, Wikidata community not only cooperate with the Shin Leh Yuan Art Space in the writing of the white paper, we also work with LASS community, Water Resources Department, Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, etc. which are the new focus of the community right now.

In more detail, since October, Wikidata community, through the introduction of the LASS community, participated in the cross-bureau meeting by the Water Resource Department and Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, and introduce the Wikidata into the government.

How did this cooperation work? edit

In Taiwan, Water Resource Department and Soil and Water Conservation Bureau are both official institutions focus mainly on the water resource, the former is in charge of such as rivers and dams, the latter is focus on the “land and soil” around those water body. Both of their works require massive and detailed data of Taiwan’s Hydrology. However, because they response to different chain of command, their data base is separated and cannot communicate very well.

In order to fix this, Wikidata community propose the idea to use Wikidata as the bridge of connection, collecting all the ID number of rivers from both, or even more, data base into Wikidata and do the magic there.

This idea was accepted from both bureaus, and conducted soon after.

Result edit

Within 2020, Water Resource Department and Wikidata Community was able to finished 26 rivers as the example, and public the correspond links to these 26 rivers on the Taiwan Government Open Data Site in December. And the River ID released in January, 2021, Wikidataqid was also presented as reference, ready for the public to use.

Future edit

After the 26 rivers example, the procedure was set. The only thing to do from now on is just apply this procedure to more content, collecting more data and expand this database. In 2021, we planned to co-host the Open Data Day Taiwan with Water Resource Department to promote the result, hoping to gather more popularity into this field and find more application to these data.