Grants:Simple/Applications/Wikimedia Korea/2020/Staffing Plan

We have employed one staff to administrate our organization and manage programs. We have felt the necessity of expanding our movement in South Korea and professionalizing staff's tasks. We need to employ one more full time staff member to manage programs and partnership professionally. This year, we employed a part-timer as a project manager with our own fund.

Executive Officer edit

  • Duties:
    • Submitting documents required by local laws as a non-profit incorporated organization
    • Managing financial accounts and writing financial reports.
    • Holding board meetings and general assembly meetings.
    • Fundrasing
    • Planning and managing domestic and international programs
  • Time: 5 days a week (equivalent 40 hours per week )

Project Manager edit

  • Duties:
    • Paninng and Managing domestic programs
    • Establishing and maintaining partnership with outer organization
      • Training educators or Wikimedians-in-residence
      • Helping students to submit their assignments
      • Holding editathons
      • Providing a technical advice
    • Developing programs to support sister projects
    • Providing support for local communities
    • Managing social media promotion
  • Time: 5 days a week (equivalent 24 hours per week )