Grants:Simple/Applications/Black Lunch Table/2020

Application or grant stage: grant in progress
Applicant or grantee: grantee
Amount requested: US$89,303
Amount granted: US$80,000 US$91,102.60
Funding period: 1 Jan - 31 Dec 2020
Midpoint report due: 15 July 2020
Final report due: 30 January 2021

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Introduction edit

This is the Black Lunch Table's application page for the 2020 cycle of the Simple Annual Plan Grant with the Wikimedia Foundation. We recognize that our involvement with Wikipedia is a critical part of our larger project. We imagine continuing to cultivate our relationship with the Wikipedia movement, seeking out ways we can innovate within it, and continue to grow our project annually and sustainably. Our application for a continuation of funds at this point in the project’s life supports the ongoing expansion of BLT and the desire to retain committed team members, crystallize our nonprofit infrastructure, and maintain and grow our edit-a-thons, collaborations, and initiatives. To learn more about our strategic plan, staffing plan, and proposed budget please follow links to sections.

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