Grants:Regions/South Asia/Committee Call 2024/Candidates

Instructions edit

To apply for the South Asia (SA) Regional Committee, please review the general information about the SA Regional Committee and then submit your application by 30 April 2024 by providing a statement below with the following information:

  • Tell us about yourself and why you want to join the SA Funds Committee. Please consider responding to some of the questions below, but it is not necessary to respond to all of them in your application. Please keep your statement under 500 words.
    • Current participation in the Wikimedia movement or the Free Knowledge Ecosystem
    • How do you think you could contribute towards building the committees’ role and ways of working?
    • What would you do to make decision making more participatory?
    • What would you do so grantmaking can have a greater impact?
    • What skills, background or experience could you bring to the committee? You might address grantmaking, knowledge equity, or other relevant areas.

Names of candidates who applied via email edit

Candidates edit

Ravidreams edit

I am interested in serving voluntarily on the Wikimedia Foundation's South Asia Regional Committee that reviews grant applications from community members. I have been actively involved with Wikimedia communities since 2005 in various roles like user, admin and bureaucrat across projects like Wikisource, Wiktionary and Wikipedia.

I previously worked as the Program Director of Wikimedia India Chapter from 2014-2016 and as Regional Manager for Asia & Eastern Europe at Wikimedia Foundation from 2016-2018. During this time, I collaborated extensively with South Asian language Wikimedia communities on diverse projects.

I have successfully applied for and implemented grants for communities in the past, such as for the Tamil Wikipedia 10th year celebrations. At the chapter and foundation, I also launched grant programs for communities. My team and I designed and launched the Project Tiger program for Indian communities in partnership with Google.

I have consistently advocated for more equity and representation for global south communities within Wikimedia. I hope joining the grants committee will allow me to contribute my organizational experience with grants and ensure South Asian community perspectives are addressed.

My long-standing Wikimedia involvement, grant implementation expertise, and passion for empowering regional communities makes me well-suited for this role. Thank you for your consideration. --Ravi (talk) 17:42, 14 March 2024 (UTC)

Abhinav619 edit

I express my interest to volunteer on the South Asian Regional Grants committee, it will indeed be my privilege. I have been involved on several projects and worked along with different communities such as Wikipedia and WIkisource on both Hindi and English projects, Wikimedia Commons, WikiNews besides several offline and outreach events such as bringing Hindi Wikisource live, hosting Hindi Wikiconference(s), working with Writer’s and Partnership Working Group for Movement Strategy 2030, Election facilitator to Board’s election in 2019, developing community in Delhi, GLAM partnership(s), etc.

I have been a grantee myself to several grants pertaining to Hindi Conference in South Asia Region, wherein I have served both as a co-grantee and organizing team member along with different set of grantees, scholarship committee, logistic team etc. During these grants, some of the scholarship recipients for say conference (1st) who attended offline events for the first time were now in the organizing team and leading initiatives during the next conference(2nd). This was also successfully facilitated with some of them hosting events in their respective towns and states. Building consensus with diversified community members, their opinion and thoughts, though challenging, has always been a learning experience with some or more excitement.

Having worked in Wikimedia Movement Strategy 2030 under Writer’s Team and Partnership Working Group wherein excessive emphasis was put towards not just more sustainable use of resources (financial) but also towards maintaining equity balance concerning Gender balance, Sister Project outreach and projects requiring more focus, my participation to the committee will help be achieve a few of those goals.

I have been documenting different stories from the South-Asian region through various mediums such as Signpost, Diff, Community blogs, Mailing List and several offline channels. Grants and grant-making is not only about impacting cultures for those who are within the ecosystem but also those outside.

I endeavor to do my best on the committee. - Abhinav619