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We're in red, with WikiWomen at Wikimania 2014
We're on the right, with the Wikimujeres at AWID 2016


Co-founder and coordinator of Whose Knowledge?, with Siko. I've worked in India, across the global South, and internationally for over 20 years, leading initiatives to amplify voices ‘from the margins’ in virtual and real worlds. I'm a 2017 Shuttleworth Fellow and 1996 Rhodes Scholar. When I joined WMF in 2012, I started the Grantmaking department (now Community Engagement), and began editing Wikipedia. What a long-ish strange trip it's been! I now bring together my experience in feminist and social justice movements with the free knowledge movement, and see it as a collective journey of multiple peoples and perspectives. When I'm not on and in Ubuntu, I throw pottery, take long walks, and read poetry like it's medicine (it probably is). More here.


Co-founder and coordinator of Whose Knowledge?, with Anasuya. I've been working on cross-cultural/cross-language online community organizing for 10+ years. I've been a Wikimedian since 2011. I focus on Whose Knowledge? because I believe that everyone has something useful to bring to the table of free knowledge, and we're still leaving a lot of people out of the sum of all human knowledge online. When I worked at the Wikimedia Foundation, I helped start projects like the Wikipedia Teahouse, Wikimedia IdeaLab, and Inspire Campaigns. I like being around smart people with smart ideas. Civility isn't good enough, we also need to interact with respect and empathy. Riding my bike, the beach, and my daughter's jokes make me happy when the world is otherwise looking pretty dark.