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Wikimedia Hungary edit

Wikimédia Magyarország (Wikimedia Hungary) is the Hungarian chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, founded in 2008. It shares the mission of the Foundation in aiming to empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally - with a special emphasis on Hungary. Its activities involve lectures, outreach events, projects aiming at improving the quality of Wikimedia sites and advocacy for better copyright legislation in Hungary and the European Union. In accordance with Wikimedia Hungary’s strategy and the decision of Wikimedia Hungary’s AGM in May 2018, Wikimedia Hungary considers its most important task for the next years strengthening the Hungarian Wikimedia community and assisting the community’s self-organizing.

Tamás Mészöly edit


Tamás Mészöly: engineer and university researcher, former executive vice-president of the chapter, administrator, bureaucrat and member of the Arbitration Committee on the Hungarian Wikipedia, organizer of article writing and photography contests, trainer and presenter on editathons and conferences, coordinator of many other activities of the chapter.

Bence Damokos edit


Bence Damokos: current executive vice-president of the chapter, bureaucrat on the Hungarian Wikipedia, formerly a press officer, currently a project manager at the European Parliament. Main areas of contribution will include strategic planning and oversight, project documentation, social media.

Anna Krizsán edit


Anna Krizsán: board member of the chapter, Wikipedian for more than 8 years, administrator and bureaucrat on the Hungarian Wikipedia, organizer of certain events and an editathon so far. Main areas of contribution will include community services, organizing local events (outside of the capital), improving guidelines and mentoring.

Máté Forgács edit


Máté Forgács: former board member of the chapter, Wikipedian for 9 years, organizer of meetups and editathons, active in the chapter's administration, experience in project application, management and reporting. Main areas of contribution will include organizing studies and events, help in updating guidelines and project administration.

Ádám Harangozó edit

Ádám Harangozó: helping with guidelines and tutorials, online and offline community building.

Gergő Tisza edit


Gergő Tisza: software engineer, MediaWiki developer, longtime Wikipedian, chapter member. I have experience with the tool & gadget ecosystem around Wikipedia, including analytics tools; I have some familiarity with the research and experiments around editor decline; I am involved in movement strategy. I plan to participate in planning, in analytics and in localizing or creating the necessary tools.