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statusNot Funded
ICT meeting
This is a meet up mearnt for the girls in ICT who were introduced to Wikimedia during the World telecommunications and informations society day 2017. We will be doing an edit a thorn, continuing from the last session we had.
start date10 October
start year2018
end date12 October
end year2018
budget (USD)1990
grant typeIndividual
contact(s)• ike_legomsha(_AT_)

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Project GoalEdit

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  1. Socialize with community members
  2. continue from the last session we had, creation of accounts and start editing.
  3. improve content

Project PlanEdit


  1. What is the purpose of the meeting and why is it important to your community?
  1. We are continuing from the last session we had (follow up), creation of accounts and continue editing. We are so happy to have found a way to avoid the account creation limit problem that we encountered in the last meeting, thanx Alex Wang (WMF) for your help.
  2. learning of Wikipedia tools.
  3. How will you let participants know about the meeting?
    Post about it on the volunteers Website on meta and whats-app group as we exchanged contacts from the last successful meet up and edit a thorn during the world telecommunications and informations society day 2017
  4. How will you keep participants engaged after the meeting is over?
    We will create a what's-app group for the next sessions to check progress and also teCh them to use talk pages for easy engagement.
  5. Is there anything else you want to tell us about this project?
    We had a meeting and practical session with the girls and their school teacher's during the World telecommunications and information's society day 2017, see here
Activity Time
Session Introduction 09.00am – 12.10am
Topic discussions 11.10am – 11.40am
Learning Track(editing account creation) 11.40am – 12.40pm
Coffee Break 12.40pm – 13.20pm
Closing remarks 13.20pm – 13.35pm
Lunch and departure 13.50pm – 14.10pm


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  1. Number of total participants= 20


Item Unit cost Total cost Amount in USD
Venue 310
Transport & Accommodation Updated on the next table 600
(Refreshments)Snack and drinks 700
Internet 380
Total 1990
Breakdown of transport and accommodation expenses
Mompati Dikunwane Accommodation $300
(Transportation)Gaborone - ftown-masunga(return) $300
Total $600