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Report accepted
This report for a Rapid Grant approved in FY 2017-18 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
Opening speech


Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went? Yes. There was a big interest for this conference, again. On the conference, we managed to get an agreement for collaboration with several schools in Skopje, and several schools out of Skopje are interested to participate or to start a Wiki Club in their cities. The event was announced on FB page, in media, and our volunteers visited many schools in Skopje. The survey of meeting participants was held after the event, and the results are placed in the section "Anything else".


Please report on your original project targets.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
Number of total participants maximum 70 (+5 speakers and several Wikipedians volunteers who will help before and on the conference day) 65 participants plus 6 guests (employees from Museums in Skopje), 5 speakers and 10 Wikipedians who helped before the event and on the conference day This target is reached


Lecturers and volunteers

Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well?

After the conference was announced, the teachers called to reserved their sits. We were unable to accept all interested teachers. We have 4 guests, employees in the Museums in Skopje, and 2 employees in "Prosvetno delo", company which prints and distributes magazines for students, who were interested to start a regular section in their magazines, related to the work of the Wiki Clubs. We managed to get an agreement for collaboration with several schools in Skopje, and several teachers from schools out of Skopje are interested to start collaboration and Wiki Clubs in their cities. We also have one guest fro Ministry of Education, and we were delighted that Wiki conference drew attention to the employees of this Ministry.

  • What did not work so well?

The conference hall is small to except all interested teachers. But this is not a big problem, as we plan to have more conferences for teachers in 2018 or to held the conference in other space.

  • What would you do differently next time?

We will add hands-on session, and we will include lectures in which the topics will be enhanced with the more information.


Flyers for GLAM Macedonia activities, black printing on colored paper

Grant funds spentEdit

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

  • Printed materials (including booklet How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool for teachers only, black and white with color cover - 70 x 1.23 = 86€), program sheets, for teachers only (70 x 0.314 = 22€), certificates for participants/teachers and for the speakers (75 x 0.25 = 19€), stickers with logo, for all (100 x 0.45 = 45€), set of notebook and pen, for teachers only (70 x 0.71 = 50€), name tags only for speakers and organizers-volunteers (10 x 0.5 = 5€), one pack of transparent files (100 x 0.08 = 8€) - 235€
  • Hall rent (with discount) - 100€
  • Coffee breaks (four coffee breaks, including refreshments and one break with mini bar lunch) - 250€
  • Transportation (for volunteers and materials) - 20€
  • Promotion before the event (telephone costs and city transport for volunteers) - 26€
  • Office supplies (paper clips, papers, pens, etc) - 6€
  • Unseen costs (Booklet for GLAM Macedonia activities) - 50€

As for in-kind donations, we managed to get the conference hall with a great discount, including using of video beam, microphones, projector, lap top, internet, etc. We managed to have a professional photographer for free, and also, there were no honorarium for the speakers and time of the volunteers.

Remaining fundsEdit

Do you have any remaining grant funds?


Anything elseEdit

Anything else you want to share about your project?

The survey was carry out at the end of the event. The results of the survey are as this (65 participants in total):

Q. What was your knowledge level about Wikipedia before the event?
  • 37% had a little knowledge about Wikipedia before the event
  • 45% know most of the themes
  • 18% - didn't answer this question.
Q. What do you want to hear on this kind of event in the future?
  • 24 participants (37%) - more practice on the conference
  • 4 participants - the topics to be enhanced with more information
  • 2 participants - workshop for Commons
  • 35 - didn't answer this question.
Q. Will you use in the classroom what you learned about?
  • 58% - Yes
  • 22% - maybe
  • 20% - didn't answer this question.
Q. Do you feel like you will need a help in order to implement the Wikipedia in the classroom?
  • 50% maybe
  • 18% - Yes
  • 14% - No
  • 18% - didn't answer this question.
Q. Do you think that the booklet is useful for you?
  • 47 participants (72%) – Yes
  • 1 participant – No
  • 4 participants – I don't know yet
  • 5 - didn't answer this question.
Q. Please leave your comment
  • 20 participants - Great conference, prepared speakers, useful information, great organization
  • 2 participants - Let's start collaboration between GLAM Macedonia and our school
  • 1 participant - Аverage seminar
  • 42 participants didn't leave the comment
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