Grants:Wikimedia LGBT/Wiki Loves Pride Featured Picture drive 2017/rules

Picture drive rules edit

The following rules determine the prize eligibility criteria applied to all photographs and images put forward. These rules are applied by the Wikimedia LGBT+ panel and are independent of entrance criteria for Featured Picture candidates.

  1. The image must be visually of an LGBT+ theme in the opinion of the Wikimedia LGBT+ panel, and of educational value, such as illustrating LGBT+ related Wikipedia articles. Refer to c:Commons:EDUSE and wikt:LGBT+.
  2. Photographs must be nominated by the original photographer or by their chosen representative. The photographer must be available to answer any questions about the photograph, such as for verifying they are the copyright holder or checking the consent of subjects in the photograph. The latter may be considered especially relevant for photographs featuring children or for photographs that could be considered to fail to respect dignity of the subject(s). Refer to c:Commons:IDENT.
  3. The nominator must be aware of the relevant Featured Picture entrance criteria, such as minimum resolution and whether digital enhancements may make the photograph ineligible. Refer to links given below.
  4. Photographs should be new to Wikimedia projects and not part of a previously uploaded series or released as part of an existing public archive.
  5. Entries from professional photographers are welcome, but photographs should be solely the property of the photographer and not taken under an employment contract.
  6. Photographs must be free of copyright restrictions apart from optional right of attribution and share-alike requirements. It is not possible to accept watermarked or digitally marked images and files with original camera EXIF data showing time and camera settings are preferred. Refer to c:Commons:Licensing.
  7. Multiple entries from a photographer will be considered serially, so that only one eligible photograph at a time from the same photographer will be in an Featured Pictures vote, with a limit of 4 candidate photographs per month per entrant.

You can contact the competition panel by writing at Talk:Wikimedia_LGBT/Wiki_Loves_Pride_Featured_Picture_drive_2017/Candidate_list or emailing here. Responses are from part time volunteers, so please be patient.

If a photographer would like support of a volunteer with wiki-editing experience or further advice on the Featured Picture process this can be provided by the prize organizers on request. Support can be provided by our unpaid volunteers in several non-English languages, please contact the organizers with your requirements. Independent confidential advice can be sought by emailing info See LGBT for information about the Wikimedia LGBT+ user group, including multiple ways of talking with LGBT+ friendly Wikimedians.

Featured Picture candidate criteria edit

The entrance criteria for Featured Pictures varies by Wikimedia Project. In general, Wikimedia Commons (the media project and host for Wikimedia projects) sets a high technical standard for Featured Pictures, while Wikipedia Featured Pictures puts a higher priority on encyclopaedic value and is therefore more flexible on technical quality. Wikipedia Featured Picture votes exist in many different languages, each has a separate Featured Picture process and all active are eligible for this prize competition. "Active" is interpreted as having several entries per annum and varied and active participation in voting.

The panel reserve the right to reject entries for any reason, including where there is doubt that the intended Featured Pictures vote is credibly active or well governed. Should a complaint be received by the panel for any entry, this will be investigated and documented for independent review. Entries may be rejected or suspended at any stage based on investigation findings.

The technical and other criteria for Feature Picture on Commons are explained at c:Commons:FPC. The criteria for the English Wikipedia are explained at en:Wikipedia:FPC and in more detail at en:Wikipedia:FP?. The criteria in other languages are given as inter-wiki links at the left of that page.

Governance and anonymity edit

Identity of photographers and subjects edit

Wikimedia projects aim to respect anonymous contributions, see wmf:Privacy policy.

Photographs may be submitted to the projects pseudonymously, however cash prizes can only be awarded where the photographer is prepared to provide their identity to the competition organizers or independently to the Wikimedia Foundation for copyright and payment purposes. This may be via confidential email, refer to c:Commons:OTRS. Pseudonymous accounts should not be used misleadingly and possible sock puppetry or misleading licensing should be reported using the normal project procedures.

Photographers who release their photographs with the moral right of attribution are welcome to use a pseudonym in the copyright release. For practical purposes the majority of long term contributing photographers or professional photographers prefer to use their real names in attributions.

Conflict of interest edit

The competition organizers take all reasonable efforts to avoid a conflict of interest. Known interest between competition organizers and photographers with nominations, will be publicly declared. Anyone with questions or information about potential conflict of interest are encouraged to contact the organizers in confidence, however all assertions will be reported to the WMF grants department as a matter of financial governance. Refer to Wikipedia:Conflict of interest for a comprehensive explanation of what is considered an interest in this context.

To avoid the appearance of an interest, photographers will not be considered where there is existing Wikimedia related funding for their work or its production.

Canvassing edit

Canvassing for votes for a photograph during a Feature Pictures vote, or any other form of apparent vote manipulation, either on a Wikimedia project or elsewhere, will be grounds for the panel to reject the entry from the competition. Please refer to the guidance at Canvassing. This excludes more general notifications about the competition, or encouragement for general participation at Featured Pictures.

Withdrawal edit

Photographs may be withdrawn at any time from the prize competition at the request of the photographer.

Photographs that have been uploaded on a verifiable copyright release are considered irrevocably released. In some cases a courtesy deletion will be granted at the discretion of project administrators. It is not possible for Wikimedia projects to pursue deletion of images hosted at non-Wikimedia sites, even when these have been mirrored from a Wikimedia hosted image.