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Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?

Yes! Although, we would have done better. We hosted the workshop in two weekends, and recruited totally new editors at each weekend. We didn't have any trouble having any of our participants' IP address being blocked. The process of getting the new participants to sign in took some time, but everyone who stayed during the workshop was able to sign in and edit something. The template page created for participants to serve as a timesaver for editors creating new word entries in the Tyap Wiktionary in the Incubator saved some time for those who were able to utilize it well. Also, the word entries to be created were put in a tabular form and broken into groups from A-Z to avoid a long list which would make finding what to translate difficult, and also to avoid participants creating duplicate entries of same word. The offline handout (made available in both soft and hard copies) also helped the translation flow easier as sample translations were made available in it.


Please report on your original project targets.

Project metrics

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
2 events 2 events Happened as planned.
17-34 participants 24 (+ 1) participants 11 older participants from previous Wikipedia Tyap events, three event organizers and 10 new people present. One participant, however, on the very first day complained of being recently operated on and was feeling dizzy, so we had to let her go without contributing any entry to the site. She promised to be present in the second event set but couldn't return.
34 new editors 22 new editors There were 22 editors new to editing on Wiktionary including one of the event co-organizers and several others from previously organized Tyap Wikipedia training events. There were, however, 10 participants totally new to Wikimedia.
80 - 160 articles created or improved 81 (+ 5 + 5) articles created or improved A total of about 81 entries were made during the event days, five made in-between the two event sets and about five made after the event closed, within the month of May. Please see Project page
3 repeat participants 5 repeat participants Two participants from the first event set were present in the second.


What worked well? What didn't work so well? What would you do differently next time?

Throughout the course of this workshop, no one experienced IP address blockage, unlike in the past Tyap Wikipedia training events.
We could not hold the workshop in the venue we earlier arranged it would take place - the Atyap Town Hall, located at a community location where the speakers of the language are a single majority. We began the event in that venue, but had to leave to another venue after we were told to halt our activities with the excuse that our notice for the use of the venue was not made properly. We had paid for gasoline to be bought for the generator also hired alongside tables for the first weekend (Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 April). We could not get a refund for the generator and gasoline, but we got a refund against the next day's rental of the tables. There was no event in the hall but an anonymous opposing force was present to ensure that the hall which was earlier given us to host the workshop was disallowed for our usage. We had to convey all participants to the emergency venue, a church hall where we held the last Tyap Wikipedia event. This act was discouraging but we were still able to hold the workshop in the new venue, though towards late afternoon, and concluded the workshop a bit late towards 08:00 p.m., because participants were willing to stay up to edit.
We intend to get a venue booked ahead of time to ensure that such embarrassment doesn't happen next time.


Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on. Please email receipts to rapidgrants AT wikimedia DOT org

. Food and drink = ₦1,500 X 20 people X 2 days X 2 workshops = ₦120,000
. Transportation
  • Local transport for organizers: ₦15,000 X 3 persons X 2 workshops = ₦90,000
  • Reimbursement of attendees: ₦5,000 X 14 people (1st event) X ₦5,000 X 17 people (2nd event) = ₦155,000

NB: 1st event: nine participants present both days, 5 participants present in just a day of the two.

. Facility, equipment and materials (two-day length)
  • Venue rental: ₦5,000 (the 1st venue was not paid for. Likewise the 2nd, but a token was given for the kindness shown us.)
  • Rental equipment
  • Camera hiring: ₦25,000 X 2 workshops = ₦50,000
  • Wifi hotspot/router hiring = ₦10,000 X 2 workshops = ₦20,000
  • Electricity (Generator hiring) = ₦6,000 X 2 days X 2 workshops = ₦24,000
  • Fueling: ₦10,000 X 2 workshops (+ 5,000 unrefunded) = ₦25,000
  • Sound (Microphones, amplifier, etc): ₦12,000 X 2 workshops = ₦24,000
  • Projector hiring: ₦0 (no projector used)
  • Chairs = 20 plastic chairs X ₦200 X 2 workshops = ₦8,000
  • Tables = 4 plastic tables X ₦500 X 2 days X 2 events (+ ₦500 X 4) = ₦10,000
. Health & Safety
  • Branded nose masks: ₦1,000 X 20 persons X 2 workshops = ₦40,000
  • Hand sanitizers (pocket-sized): ₦500 X 20 persons X 2 workshops = ₦20,000
  • Hand wash detergent = ₦500
  • Digital pyrometer hiring = ₦1,000 (2 days) X 2 workshops = ₦2,000
. Offline brochure (hard copy) publishing:
  • Original copy = ₦50 X 100 pages = ₦5,000
  • Photocopying = ₦20 X 100 pages X 20 copies X 2 events = ₦80,000
  • Binding = ₦200 X 20 brochures X 2 events = ₦8,000
. Gift items
  • Data subscription = ₦20,000 X 2 events = ₦40,000
  • Branded T-shirts for organizers = ₦3,500 X 3 persons = ₦10,500
  • Branded caps for organizers = ₦2,500 X 3 persons = ₦7,500
  • Branded gift pens = ₦5,000
  • Banner = ₦5,000
. Correspondence (airtime) before and after events: ₦5,500 X 3 persons X 2 events = ₦33,000

TOTAL SPENT: ₦787,500 (1,897.87 USD, -- Oanda exchange rate as of 22/05/2022)

BALANCE: ₦28,200 (~67.96 USD)

I, hereby, request that the balance remaining be allowed to remain with me to edit the video images and pictures taken during the event which would cost up to ₦60,000 (144.60 USD). I.e., there would be need for an additional ₦31,800 (~76.64 USD) to add up to the remaining balance to edit the multimedia images.

Anything elseEdit

Being able to host this workshop would not be posible at this point in time without the financial and technical support of Wikimedia Foundation. The video images and photoshoots taken in the course of the workshop would be made available at our YouTube channel (Tyap Wikimedia) and on Wikimedia Commons, respectively, as soon as they are uploaded.