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Marios Magioladitis (User:Magioladitis)


Marios is a mathematics teacher and PhD candidate in Data Security. In February he gave a talk in Athens entitled "Why Wikipedia does not have a female point of view?" and afterwards in May he organised a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on Gender gap in collaboration with SheSharp. In summer, in Esino Lario during Wikimania 2016, he gave a lightning talk entitled "Collaborations to reduce gender gap".

A paper entitled "Wikipedia in Education as a tool to reduce gender inequalities" is scheduled to be published in November.

Mata Kaloudaki (User:MataKaloudaki)


Mata is Consultant Director of Research Centre of Women's Affairs (RCWA). She is member of the Aretusa network and strongly connected to Telesilla magazine.



Its scopes are:

  • Promote and present political issues concerning women, their theoretical and practical aspects,
  • Organise lectures, conferences, cultural seminars and educational meetings in Greece and abroad, related to women (e.g. conception preventing measures, abortion, new reproductive and genetic engineering, preventive medicines, hygiene at work, environment and women, prostitution, trafficking in women and children, violence against women, domestic violence, women immigrants, early marriages etc.),
  • Collect, study and present documents related to women’s movements, aiming at the foundation of a Women Documents Centre of Information and a broadcast station for women,
  • Cooperate with other women and feminist N.G.O’s organisations in cross-national and international level

Despoina Antonopoulou (User:Desantonop)


Despoina is a political scientist who is currently working as a salesperson at an aftermarket auto parts company. Already experiencing rejection in this male-dominated profession she is trying to overthrow the scene as an active SheSharp member and through her participation in dynamic and promising actions like this one.

Amalia Vradi (User:Amaliavr)


Amalia is an IT student and a core member of SheSharp. She is passionate about sciences and wants to explore the reasons why the numbers of participants in STEM are shaped the way they are today.

Member of the wikimedia community user group and wikiwomen's collaborative. The project "Why women don’t edit Wikipedia" motivated my return in wikipedia and I intend to contribute with articles about women mainly.

Supporting groups

  • SheSharp
  • Telesilla
  • MOV