Grants:Project/Kiwix/User Experience/milestones

This is a rough calendar of deliverables, this is going to evolve depending of development speed.


  • Administrative logistic   Done
  • First release of zim-tools   Done


  • Recruitment/HR   Done
  • Fix ZIM format and libzim 4GB cluster limit   Done
  • libzim and kiwixlib full support of iOS/macOS   Done
  • Kiwix tools support of i586 architecture   Done
  • Launch of a zimcheck tool   Done


  • UI Concepts & first mockups   Done
  • Implementation of new ZIM javascript API   Doing...
  • Speed up zimwriterfs   Done
  • Speed up attempts of libzim (reading)   Done
  • Allow new ZIM file without namespace concept   Done
  • Release of Kiwix Android 2.4   Done


  • Write Kiwix lib documentation   Done
  • Kiwix desktop code bootstrap   Done
  • Kiwix desktop CI Linux   Done
  • Kiwix desktop CI Windows   Done
  • Kiwix desktop Dealing with ZIM files on the file system   Done
  • Kiwix desktop 2.0 alpha for Windows/Linux   Done
  • Kiwix for Android 3.0 (multizim support)   Doing...


  • Add support of ZIM extensions
  • Implementation of bookmarks (kiwixlib + UI)   Done
  • Support of libaria2 (downloader) in Kiwix lib   Done
  • Kiwix for Android 3.1
  • Kiwix for macOS 2.0   Done
  • Design of Kiwix-Desktop 2.0 (mockups)   Done
  • Multi-arch compilation support in kiwix-build   Done


  • Kiwix desktop 2.0   Doing...
  • Implementation of content manager   Done
  • Implementation of smaller features (print, search in page, zoom, ...)   Done
  • Integration of localisation with Translatewiki   Done


  • Kiwix desktop 2.1
  • Kiwix for Android 3.2