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Diego de la HeraEdit

Diego de la Hera is Web2Cit's Project Manager and Lead Developer. He is a biochemist and psychology PhD student, passionate about information networks and emergent phenomena, from biology to information science, including insect societies, free software ecosystems, Internet, the web, Wikipedia, and more. Interested in computers and engineering since he was a child, he started more serious programming for his PhD, then shyly contributing to open source projects, such as the web annotation platform Hypothesis, and more recently earning further experience with Cita, a Wikidata addon he developed for Zotero. In love with music, choral singing, biking, and the wind of summer night storms.

Evelin HeidelEdit

Evelin Heidel is Web2Cit's Communications & Community Manager. She is a digital rights activist and community strategist, who has worked at the intersection of digital rights, digital heritage and copyright in Latin America for over ten years. Most recently, she revitalized the internationally-focused Open GLAM initiative at Creative Commons, currently being funded by a $5 Million grant by Arcadia. While working on the Open GLAM project she was a Fellow at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab and International Visiting Scholar at Washington College of Law, American University. She currently is a community organizing consultant for several non-for-profit organizations. She holds a BA in Literature (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina) and is currently enrolled in a Masters Program in Law & Economics of Climate Change at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO).


Gimena del Rio Riande (IIBICRIT-HD CAICYT Lab, CONICET)Edit

Gimena del Rio Riande is a Web2Cit's Research Group Member.

Nidia Hernández (HD CAICYT Lab, CONICET)Edit

Nidia Hernández is a Web2Cit's Research Group Member.

Romina De León (HD CAICYT Lab, CONICET)Edit

Romina De León is a Web2Cit's Research Group Member.